Hội nghị Khoa học toàn quốc năm 2019 - TIN TRIỂN LÃM -

National Scientific Conference on Preventive Medicine

2/14/2019 9:14:13 AM
Under the host of Vietnam Ministry of Health, Vietnam Medical Association as well as supports, cooperation from related organizations, the Scientific Conference “Together for Community Health”, organized by Vietnam Association of Preventive Medicine, will be held from May 08th – 11th, 2019. This event will have more than 500 delegates from various preventive medicine organizations in the country.
Vietnam Association of Preventive Medicine
National Scientific Conference on Preventive Medicine
Together for Community Health 
In 2019, Vietnam Association of Preventive Medicine co-operates with National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology to organize scientific conference of “ Together for community’s health”:
1. Infectious Diseases
2. Non – infectious Diseases
3. Microbiology, immunology and bioinformatics
4. Antibiotic resistance and health
5. Early diagnosis and vaccine
6. Nutrition, school health, Environmental health, occupational health, … and other related medical subjects.
With the participation of 500 delegates from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, Vietnam Medical Association, leaders of Preventive Medicine Departments, hospitals and related organizations in the country.

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